Support a Micro-Loan for a Growing Rural Business.

Imagine a world where financial empowerment is accessible to everyone, even in the most rural areas. We are turning this vision into reality through Kinvest micro loans. 

The tangible impact of these micro loans has proved to be transformative for rural farmers and entrepreneurs. Through collaborative efforts, over 70% have successfully acquired new assets for their businesses and homes. This catalytic change is self-sustaining and community led.  

Over 53% of the entrepreneurs we support are women, illustrating our commitment to gender-inclusive financial growth. Members save for their crops, livestock, children’s school fees and land.

To start the loan process in new communities, we require your help.    

We aim to support 500 rural entrepreneurs in 2024 with micro-loans.  

Help us in building a future where every community member can save, grow, and thrive.