Does Givesome keep a percentage of my donation? 

  • Givesome keeps 0% of any money donated through our platform. 

Does my entire donation go to the charity? 

  • Standard credit card fees are taken directly by the credit card companies, otherwise 100% of your donation goes to the charity.

Does Givesome provide tax receipts? 

  • Givesome does not provide receipts, but registered charities that you support through our platform will send you tax receipts for eligible donations.

Which projects and charities can I get tax receipts from? 

  • Look for charities and projects with our receipting icon on them. If it has the receipting icon beside it, it is eligible for a tax receipt.

How do I get a tax receipt? 

  • You must create a free account (once), input your receipting information (full name, email address, mailing address) and opt to have your information shared with the charity in order to receive a receipt.

  • Donations of $20 or more are eligible for a tax receipt.

  • If you make multiple small donations that add up to $20 or more over the course of a calendar year to the same charity, you will also be eligible for a tax receipt.

  • Donations you make using the funds from a givecard PIN are not eligible for a tax receipt 

How much will the tax receipt be for? 

  • You will receive a tax receipt for the full amount of the eligible donation you made (i.e. it will not be reduced by the credit card fees).

How and when will I receive my tax receipt? 

  • Since charities themselves send receipts for eligible donations, they are required to send all receipts for the previous year by the last day of February for the upcoming tax season.

  • Some charities may opt to issue the tax receipt as soon as they receive the funds from Givesome.

  • Depending on the charity, they will be sent by mail or email. 

How do I order Givecards or launch a page for my company or charity on Givesome?

When will I get a video for the projects I donate to? 

  • Charities are asked to submit their impact video within 12 weeks of their project being funded.

  • Videos for the projects you have donated to will appear in your profile for you to view.