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The opportunity exists to catalyze local, rural economies into spaces where entrepreneurship can thrive. Strategic investment – in infrastructure and people – is the key to providing the men and women who call rural Africa home with the possibility to change their story from mere survival to active flourishing.

One of the ways we invest is through local-led, self-sustaining marketplaces called Kinvest Commons.

Kinvest Commons are solar powered vibrant marketplaces where people gather and businesses thrive.

In these brick-and-mortar economic and community hubs, local entrepreneurs access inspirational commercial and industrial spaces equipped with clean water, renewable energy, microfinancing for equipment, and internet access. They use our marketplaces as incubators for ideas and accelerators for growing their businesses.

Each site can host between 30 and 50 entrepreneurs, and amenities like electricity and clean water are shared with the surrounding community.

Funds used will be power a Kinvest Common, with renewable energy.

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