In My Back Yard

At IMBY, our mission is to promote community and build relationships by providing affordable housing solutions. We challenge the notion of ownership and strive to replace it with the concept of stewardship, emphasizing the importance of mutual care and support. We believe that building Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs) in backyards is a creative and practical solution to many of the world's housing problems. By embracing tiny homes, we can offer innovative and economically viable solutions to address the affordable housing crisis. Our IMBY initiative is anchored in the circle of support, which aims to foster a sense of connection and reduce the widespread issue of loneliness and isolation. Furthermore, we strongly advocate for creating sustainable and affordable living options, recognizing the urgent need to address the ongoing climate crisis and prioritize responsible stewardship of our planet.

Your gift will help IMBY:

  • Match backyard owners with Imby dwellers (folks in need of affordable housing).

  • Train IMBY dwellers in the building blocks program. 

  • Contract tiny house builders.

  • Get permits.

  • Oversee the builds. 

  • Finalize social contracts and financial plans, including ongoing monthly support.

  • Establish and help shape the Circle of Support to ensure the IMBY project flourishes.