Infinitum translated from Latin, means boundless. It started with a few friends around a table wondering how they could plug into the source of faith and embody love in their daily lives.  The result was a framework - a series of practices designed to help people cultivate a profound sense of love in a world that often feels irreparably broken. It offers spirituality that goes beyond  ‘belief' to ‘embodied practices ’ leading to greater depth, love and gratitude.

Infinitum is shaping people’s spiritual health. Find them through a website, app, prayer days and podcast. Connect with others through interactive journeys, Infinitum coaches, Youversion plans, guided experiences, courses, pilgrimages and taste and see events.

With your support, Infinitum can continue to help others find the source of Love in their own lives, discover the beauty of spiritual practices, encounters, and cultivate embodied postures that create healthy rhythms transforming their inner lives, overflowing to meet the needs of others.