Fund a Youth Need: 32 Mattresses for 32 Beds at Wyndham House

Youth experiencing homelessness need a warm bed for the night, not simply a place to lay down and sleep. It is easy to underestimate the importance of a mattress.

Everyone needs a welcoming bed at the end of each day... A place to lay your head, replenish sleep and act as a refuge in a world that can sometimes be quite harsh and complex. We currently provide 32-beds each night within our Youth Emergency Shelter & two longer term Supportive Housing Residences.

Much like you at home, we need to purchase new mattresses for our homes and shelter. As you can imagine, this is a large purchase. They must meet high health standards, be comfortable & hold up for many years. A mattress & a bed are more comforting than anything else to youth who are struggling to cope.

Now is the time to start renewing these important items for our programs.